I LOVE MY BABYJELLYBEANS!!! Thanks for providing such a beautiful site for me to share photos of my little one with family and friends. People LOVVVVVVE the site, and anxiously await my updates :) A very cool product.
Kathy L. - Chicago, Illinois
Great Job! I am a professional web designer and I can't say enough good things about babyjellybeans.com. I could have spent hours putting my new baby's pictures and videos on the web myself, but you have done it for me with a point and a click! An easy to use interface that has all the options I would ever want allows us to share our pictures, videos, and daily adventures with our family around the country! Keep up the good work!
Scott - Royal Oak, MI
Just wanted to say thank you for making a website so user-friendly and simple. I love putting new pages on the website, and my family loves looking at pictures of us whenever they want. It is safe, fun and a great way to keep in touch with loved ones that are far away. Thanks again....this is GREAT!!!!
Bernadette - Manhattan, Kansas
We LOVE our baby girl's site! It has been so much fun to share our new addition with our friends and family near and far. From the first ultrasound pictures and a pregnancy journal to the first photos in the hospital to our baby's first Christmas, the site allows us to share all the great moments. We get comments all of the time from people telling us how amazing the site is and how much they enjoy checking up on our family. Tech support has been helpful the very few times I've needed them and the cost can't be beat. We are looking forward to maintaining the site as well as ordering a keepsake CD so that our daughter will be able to see her "online baby book" for years to come. Thanks,
Nissa - Portland, Oregon
ALL of our family lives out of town! The first 3 months of our baby's life I was taking pictures, making 8 copies of every picture, and MAILING them off every other week! Not only was that getting expensive, IT WAS SO time consuming! (Besides, who has time for that with a newborn?)

Now, all I have to do is take 30 min. of my time 1 day a week to download my pictures for EVERYONE to see! It has been a lifesaver! It has been almost a year, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Designing the website has been lots of fun for me, and now I'm making this sort of a scrapbook for her to have one day. I just wish I would have had this clever idea myself! Thanks!

Christi - Austin, Texas
Thank you babyjellybeans.com! We started our website in 2004 to share our daughter's adoption journey and have continued to update it throughout our first year together. It was the most wonderful way to share highlights during our trip and now is perfect for keeping family and friends updated on our daughter's progress. The template designs are fabulous -- and so much fun! The interface is intuitive and easy to use and whenever we've had any questions the service response has been amazingly fast.
Randall, Michelle and Eleanor - Charlottesville, Virginia
Just a quick "THANKS!" I am SUCH an online person, and couldn't be more pleased with your services! Not only is it the perfect way to conveniently and efficiently keep all friends and family updated on happenings throughout my first pregnancy .. you have ADORABLE themes, options, extras, etc. Your company was my favorite of all others available on the Internet. Thanks SO much for doing what you do .. and doing it so perfectly. Keep up the great work!
Susan - Grantsville, Utah
I love babyjellybeans.com...The site is flawless. I can't believe how user-friendly it is. I haven't had one problem...except going crazy and using up all my disc space! :-) Thank you for making it possible to share with friends & family!
Kelly - Lakeland, Florida
Babyjellybeans is such a wonderful website! Not only is it incredibly user friendly with lots of amazing choices to customize your baby pages, it's a wonderful way for parents and friends to watch your baby grow up. Being a military family and moving often and far from our loved ones, this is a wonderful way to keep everyone involved and up to date on my daughter's progress. Plus they feel involved and not like they are missing anything. My experiences with tech support has always been very friendly with problems addressed and fixed quickly. At $8.95 a month, it just doesn't get any better than that! If I have any more children in the future, you can be sure that I'll create their websites on babyjellybeans.com.
Aileen - Summerville, South Carolina
I absolutely love using babyjellybeans.com. It has really helped me keep all of my family and friends updated on our new arrival. It has been so easy to use I can't imagine what I would have done without it. I plan to continue using the website after the baby is born so everyone back home can see her grow. I'm glad I found babyjellybeans.com
Hilary - Las Vegas, Nevada
We love our baby website on babyjellybeans.com! We have friends and family all over the country and really wanted to be able to keep them all in touch with our new baby. The website allows us to do that as well as not worry about sending pictures or videos over email and clogging up friend's and family's inboxes. The website was so easy to set up and to change! We also love the guestbook. We check it every day and love hearing what everyone thinks of the pictures! Everyone loves it and we can't believe how many check it often.
Erin & Brock - Waukesha, Wisconsin
We love Babyjellybeans.com! When we had our daughter, we were using email to send pictures to everyone which was a pain because we had to go through the process of editing our photos before sending them. We were so excited to find BJB. It's very easy to post photos, videos and even add music to the website - you can even buy your own domain name! We also use the Website Manager to send an email notification to friends and family. When they visit the site, they can view the photos, order prints, participate in baby polls and sign our Guestbook for our daughter to see! Babyjellybeans is really great!
Andrea - West Chester, Pennsylvania
We Love it. Babyjellybeans is a nice and cheap way to let your friends and family see what your baby is up to. We usually send our website to our family and friends who then forward it on to tons and tons of their friends. It is such a nice way to show people, especially ones that do not get to see too often, what your precious baby has been doing. I really enjoy changing all the themes everytime I update it to match whatever my son is doing in the pictures. (If he is having a birthday I can put a cake with a candle at the top of the page) It makes it so personal and nice. The guestbook is great! We love reading what everybody writes to our son in the guestbook. We look at it almost daily. I also like how easy it is to use. I am not that great with computers and I can typically update his web page in about 10 minutes! We have never had any trouble with Babyjellybeans and recommend it to everybody with babies!
Christine - Round Rock, Texas
What a wonderful website... it is everything I would do myself if only I had the know-how to do it! So many choices to personalize & customize each page! The only hard part is deciding which pics to post since uploading them to the site is as simple as a click of a button! There are a few "free" websites available but you get what you pay for and that is the same site over and over soliciting it's viewer with ads. I don't want my family & friends looking for deals... I want them checking out the beauty that I am so proud of! I am constantly getting compliments on my daughter's site and I almost feel guilty not explaining that it's all I did was add the cute baby because the site takes care of itself!
Cindy - Blair, Nebraska
Babyjellybeans.com is a fantastic, easy to use baby website. I can easily create a page, add photos, add videos and add comments that reflect my little one's growth and achievements. At the same time, I can read comments left by my family and friends. Being a new mom, I didn't want to be spending a lot of time on the computer, but with this site, it is truly simple and it keeps all of my family and friends up to date on all the amazing things that are going on in my baby's life. Plus, when I am done (after a year), I will have a free cd to keep for my son that illustrates his first year of life. What a bonus!!!
Molly - Aurora, Colorado
This service is GREAT! It allows us to control who has access to our site. Since we were already journaling our story via email...we just cut/paste everything into the new website...including photos, video clips, baby registry, guestbook, etc. We even integrated a Volunteer Schedule on our site to easily schedule friends and family to help out with the new triplets.

One of the best features I like is that if you stay with them for a year, they will archive your entire website and send you a multimedia Baby Album CD with all of our content.

You don't need to know anything about web servers to create a beautiful baby website in a few minutes. I highly recommend it...and it has made my life much easier to keep in touch with our friends and family.

Steve & Teresa - Fremont, California
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